Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Film NEWS: 'Jim Morrison's soul jumped into mine and ordered me to make films'

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The new Dismaland inspired movie Loon brings awareness to today's Brexit shook Great Britain.
''Jim Morrison's soul jumped into mine and ordered me to make films'' says it's filmmaker Fabrizio Federico on Halloween, the day of the films release, ''Jim would have been a terrific film director, HWY has always been one of my favourite movies and Im going to finish what he started.''

A street folie a deux relationship between two cousins, teenage Charlie who is a dirty dog kissing, obsessed petty thief on prescription medication and infatuated with his sensual but sinister older cousin Georgia spirals of of control. Watch the witchcraft of their relationship as it raises a level too far in this grimy British DIY cinema experience.

Agoraphobic, possibly schizophrenic and prone to hyperactivity...Fabrizio Federico has all the makings of a cinema icon, and now with his third film under his belt this talent doesn't seem to be slowing down.  

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