Sunday, 22 April 2012

Interview with film director Fabrizio Federico - Egg on Cinema's Face

Why do you feel your work is important ?
Many reasons, I want to stand for a freeform way of living, thinking and being. My ways are for people who don’t believe in rules and the general conscience. I just want to be surrounded by creative people, not money men. Fuck it’s time for a cinematic generation gap & Im becoming surrounded I guess, I suppose I asked for it my self but being asked my opinion all the time can be exhausting.

What causes do you believe in ?
The freedom to make a fool of yourself and for it to not be a mortal sin with the world. People can be so unforgiving, I have my sensitive days too you know.  I’d like to have a baby with every race.

What were your influences when you were little ?
I used to pretend I was Predator, & Babe Ruth. Im in my own cinematic world. I saw Passolini films such as ‘Accattone’ when I was very young, his subtle poetic influence drips into my work, that whole sad undertone that everything might fall apart, that you might be left with nothing . Then the other side of me is a sort of dumb ass humor such as ‘Hot Shots’ or ‘Caddyshack’. Then I have the dirty dangerous side that just wants to wreck and piss on everything like a dog. My patch, my patch.  I just want the kids to have an alternative rebellious cinema.

You talk about ‘The Last Movie’ as being your favorite film, why is that ?
It’s the bastard child of film, that movie. I feel close to it. My moods resemble orphanages sometimes and what Hopper created was swept into a well. My heart goes out to it & hopes that we’ve come a long way from what happened to ‘The Last Movie’.  Artists get sent to the firing squad. I want my films to reflect the feelings of euphoria I have while Im alive. Mondo Bizarro.

‘Black Biscuit’ has a punk ethic which is being called Gutter Cinema, can you explain it’s ideals?
It’s punk cinema, punk means fuck it, I haven’t got anything to lose. The sooner you feel that…………. It’s a certain way of life, and believing in yourself, and feeling alive. You can call me Towlie or reckless. My finger prints are smeared on certain peoples faces because I have courage, and I wear my heart on my nose.  If Im gonna make a film about forgetting and beating helplessness then I will have to shoot my own demons and say lets cut corners.

Do traditions mean much to you ?
I think they're a contradiction because they change in time and mean something differently to everyone. I was brought up believing in witches, ghosts and superstitions. I relate to certain traditions better than others. Halloween is my favorite because I can feel the wind of weird in the air. It’s a sort of electricity. The last time I felt that I was when I went on a joy ride through a farmers field chasing the sheep in a mini. The farmer came after me and we ended up in a high speed chase. He never caught me.  I guess traditions are looking out to set a scene and a vibe. My perfect vibe would be a film such as ‘The Great Rock n Roll Swindle’ or ‘Performance’ where the potential for anything to happen could happen, and is laid bare on the table.

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