Sunday, 22 April 2012

Interview: Gutter Cinema with director Fabrizio Federico

Do you think artists have a personality complex?
I think artists are the ones who carry a personality complex, but are brave enough to do something about it. To go out and find something to fix their broken half. It's like losing your favorite pillow, I like going back in time and living one week as if it's the 50's or 60's the next week like the 90's, and occasionally today. I guess I’m a film astronaut.
What drives you to create?
Maybe the way to go in life is to find a mission for yourself. Something to keep you busy, whether it's films, or sex, or creating. As long as your not bored. If none of my work achieves what ever the public consciousness considers to be success, then thats even better. All the great artists die penniless, and Improud of myself that I never aspired to be president.

 What does your film Black Biscuit mean?
Uhhhhhhhh, forget about all that just absurd it. Film for me is a playful field. I don’t understand all the bitterness and criticism that comes out of the woodworks towards cinema. Such hostile criticism.                       Opinions change with time, and Im the newest lamb to be nailed to the cross. I like my work to span a wide variety of feelings like a tornado; from happy to lonely, to spooky.                                                                I get turned on by witches. Black Biscuit is a gutter circus.

So how did you set a mood for your film?
By giving out impressions...isnt an impression formed within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone. I like to make people feel loose when Im collaborating with them, think of my film set as a brothel. I'll encourage you to pursue your vices. Hopefully you dont let them eat you.

Does cinema still provoke?
Yes it does, but just not as much. I'd like to see less polished, structured films, and more movies about the mundane. That and bizarre real life subjects . My goal is to show people you don’t need to make 20 short films before you get around to making a feature film. The big mainstream films at the moment are just so schmaltzy like syrup. My ideal cinema world would consist of less budget, and planning. Just to be primal. I cant follow 1 style for 120min it's boring to me, so I surf a wide variety of influences.
What’s your philosophy on life ?
My planets will shift but my sun is called personal freedom. I hope I come out smiling in the end, but I’m not out the tunnel yet. Feelings that surround me now will change, but if you go for internal bliss you cant go wrong. Alchemy is a good place to start.

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