Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Black Biscuit - Underground Film of the Decade

The feature film by Fabrizio Federico.

Black Biscuit follows the life of Chet. On one fateful day he finds his true calling - film making. Now all he has to do is stop prostituting him self.
Working by day as a male prostitute, Chet is beginning to see the rewards and comforts of money.
But his new dreams of becoming a film maker are being diminished as his discipline and self worth are questioned.

This is a new style of film making called Pink8.
The cast are street stars, non-actors, homeless, outsiders.
Shot on no-budget, film maker Federico life modeled to fund what little money was required.

The end result has created Fiction Fact Film making.

Federico describes his new film as a highly conceptual, and poetic made without following the traditional program. He began filming without any preparation or a traditional script, preferring to give the cast phrases and colors to invoke feelings. He did not let his cast or crew in on the film's vision choosing instead to work with those around him unaware of things.

                                               Fabrizio Federico - Official Site

Black Biscuit director Fabrizio Federico


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